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About NSP

Kathleen A. Flood

Kathleen A. Flood was born and raised in San Francisco, California. When her son experienced a severe case of asthma and the doctors were not able to help, Kathy began searching for alternative methods of comforting and healing her son. That was when she met Dr. Fowler, a Naturopath in California who helped her son and began training Kathy in natural therapies. Soon Kathy added to her education by attending courses through the British Institute of Homeopathy and multiple other seminars. She has been mentored over the years by Drs. Ned Jenison, Stuart Russel, and Timothy Kuss. By late 1993, Mrs. Flood had started her own practice out of her family home in Modesto, California. Shortly, her practice out grew the home office and expanded into a modular office next door. Within the next few years, another modular office was added to accommodate the increasing volume of clients. Kathy is working towards her certification as a Homeopathic Practitioner using kinesiology and bio-feed back testing. She continues her studies by working with Dr. Stuart Russell and Dr. Noel Aguilar. Kathy was recently awarded the The DNA Health Institute award for Outstanding Achievement and Dedication in Wellness. Her daughter, Tiffany Flood (Ratzlaff), who is a C.M.T. and certified sclerologist, works with her in the practice and is continuing her education in natural healing. Kathy’s clients travel from all over California, Washington, and Oregon to be treated by her. She works with animals as well as human beings. Many of her clients come to her for treatment in: Cancer, MS, Manic-Depression, ALS, Menopause, ADD, chronic pain, ADHD, and Down’s Syndrome. Known as a “natural healer,” Kathy believes in using any natural God given means ancient or modern to cleanse, purify and rebuild health physically, mentally and spiritually.
Kathy Flood