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About NSP

Tiffany M. Miller

Tiffany M. Miller was born in Munster Indiana and raised in Modesto, California. She became involved in Homeopathy when her mother Kathy Flood began searching for a cure for asthma for Tiffany’s younger brother Michael Lee Flood. Tiffany received her Massage Therapist Certification from Abrams College in 2001. Since 2002 she has been continuing her massage education through San Francisco School of Massage. Tiffany received her Sclerologist Certification from Dr. Jack Tips in 2003. Tiffany has been and is receiving personal mentoring from Dr. Cory Carter who specializes in the Carter Technique of Lymphatic Drainage. To continue her education Tiffany goes to many seminars hosted by Systemic Formulas on herbs and nutrition. Tiffany’s many specialties include Kinesiology Testing, Lymphatic Drainage, Rain Drop Therapy, Laser Therapy, Ion Cleanse, Reflexology, and Relaxation Massage.