Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is one of the basic systems that affects everything in the body. It is intimately linked with the subjective state of the patient and affects the defense and homeostatic systems. In the defense system, it is part of the immune system. With homeostasis, it helps maintain the correct environment in which all the cells can thrive. When the lymph fluid backs up because of blockage, pressure builds up in the lymph capillary, in the cell bed, resulting in the whole system becoming toxic due to waste disposal failure.

This toxicity prevents the cells from getting necessary nutrients. Under these conditions, the cells lose metabolic efficiency and fail to do their assigned job. If enough cells are in this state, degenerative conditions are free to develop or fail to respond to treatments.

Detoxification, by re-establishing free lymphatic circulation throughout the body, is a vital part of any healing process. Lack of attendance to it can cause death, even when abnormal cells have been killed. Autopsies have supported these findings. Only a detoxified body has both power, resistance, or potential for healing. Lymphatic detoxification treatments previously tried or currently utilized have serious limitations and are usually temporary in there effects.

Using cold gas ionization, produced by the Light Beam Generator - lymphatic therapy becomes a powerful and viable alternative. With the LBG, lymphatic congestion and blockages are charged with incoherent light, creating separation by allowing molecules to repel each other. Therefore, trapped blood protein clusters are broken up and unobstructed lymphatic flow is re-established. Clearing the lymph system, a component of the immune system, significantly enhances the efficiency of the body to deal with pathological conditions.

Cold gas ionization lymphatic therapy enhances healing primarily through the action of the immune system's anti-ineffective mechanism and the lymphatic's drainage of waste. By restoring proper functioning of the lymph system, in combination with other treatment procedures, the body's natural healing abilities can be greatly enhanced. In addition, this therapy is preventive health maintenance and an ongoing health program cannot be overemphasized.

The LBG (Light Beam Generator) is an effective tool in assisting the body to achieve a free flow of proteins within the Lymph System itself and in releasing bond protein blockages in the interstitium of the connective tissue. Several practitioners state "In my practice, I have proven that with the use of the LBG, I can accomplish, in one therapy session, what it would normally take me an average of eight manual lymph drainage sessions.".

In fact, the LBG as a tool, greatly enhances the effectiveness of all hands-on therapies - as the free flow of proteins speeds the healing process and is necessary for radiant health. It is also an effective tool for the aesthetician as blockages in the lymph system are the cause of most swelling, puffiness, bags under the eyes, and blemishes.

Protein interactions (bondings) are primarily electrical and the ionizing force, created by the LBG, causes protein clusters to repel or separate, allowing the therapist to work on tissue that is more pliable because it is in a state of free flow. This is the ideal state to effectively treat the tissues of the body.

The LBG is simple to operate and easy to use either for the professional therapist or the individual for home usage. In fact, I find that most therapists will use it on themselves because of the benefit it has on raising energy and maintaining a good health state.

The lymphatic system is one of the basic systems that effects everything in the body especially the defense and homeostatic systems. In case of the defensive system, it is part of the IMMUNE SYSTEM, and with homeostasis, it helps maintain the correct environment for all cells to thrive.

A healthy lymphatic system ensures improved health. Working with the LBG, provides the practitioner, with state of the art equipment which can be integrated with current therapy to effect an efficient and timely removal of lymphatic obstructions.