I have come to understand that complete healing is the physical, emotional and spiritual. Complete healing is a complete balance of all three. For the emotions and the spirit, we recommend these readings and workshops. Our Heavenly Father is the true healer.

Getting Anger Under Control: by Neil Anderson and Rich Miller helps readers evaluate their own anger level, take appropriate steps to alleviate anger's destructiveness, and depend on Jesus' power and wisdom to regulate emotions.

Victory Over The Darkness: by Neil Anderson. After 10 years of publication around the world, this best-selling book has been updated with new illustrations and practical helps, and expanded to include new chapters and valuable lessons. It is truly bigger and better than ever. This helps deal with the strong holds in our mind that keeps us from walking in victory over the darkness.

Daily in Christ: by Neil and Joanne Anderson. An invitation to grow spiritually, this uplifting 365-day devotional will encourage, motivate and challenge you to live Daily in Christ. Includes a one-page devotional and brief heart felt prayer for each day. Celebrate and experience your freedom all year.

The Bondage Breaker: by Neil Anderson. This edition includes new chapters, updated teachings and an expanded Steps to Freedom in Christ. This best-selling classic is better than ever. Read it like you have never read it before. This also deals with many of our spiritual strong holds, understanding that spiritual battles taking place around us.

Freedom From Addiction: by Neil Anderson and Mike & Julia Quarles. A Unique Christ-centered model for genuine recovery from alcoholism, drug abuse and other addictive behaviors. Read the story of an alcoholic pastor who hit bottom and turned to Christ to find freedom from chemical dependency and more. A must-read for anyone struggling with addiction and those who love them.

A Way of Escape: by Neil Anderson. For every lie that holds captive, there is truth that sets free. Guilt, shame, confusion, anger, fear - no matter how high the walls, escape is possible. You can be free in Christ! Real answers for sexual struggles, unwanted thoughts, compulsive habits or a painful past. Don't just cope; discover how to overcome the bondage of sexual strongholds and win the battle for your mind.

The Christ Centered Marriage: by Neil Anderson and Charles Mylander. Husbands and wives can enjoy freedom in Christ together! Break free from old habits and enjoy greater intimacy and joy.

Experiencing God: by Henry Blackaby. This is a daily workbook that helps in a special daily walk, to understand where God is working.

Children and Teenagers

The Seduction of our Children: by Neil Anderson and Steve Russo. A battle is raging for the minds of our children, a battle they must win. Parents, counter the world's assault against your family. Includes helpful prayers for children of various ages.

Spiritual Protection: by Neil Anderson and Peter & Sue Vanderhook. The true story of one family's spiritual battle on the home front and the powerful lessons we can learn about protecting our families from the enemy's attacks. With prayers for children of various ages.

Stomping Out the Darkness: by Neil Anderson and Dave Park. The youth version of the best-selling Victory Over the Darkness shows youth who they are in Christ and how to win the battle for the mind. Funny illustrations and practical applications make this a great book for teens.

The Bondage Breaker: by Neil Anderson and Dave Park. This book, along with Stomping Out the Darkness, helps youth understand their position in Christ, resist the enemy, and break free from bondage. It includes the youth version of the Steps to Freedom in Christ.

Ultimate Love: by Neil Anderson and Dave Park. How far would you go for true love? This may surprise you-the ultimate love experience isn't something you do. It's something God already did!

I know these books will be a great help to you. They have been for my family and me. (I have read them all.)

If you have any questions concerning any of them, do not hesitate to call or email us.

Enjoy the reading and may God bless you as you learn more about yourself and the Father and how you can reclaim your victory over the darkness.