Pet Health

by R.L. Wysong, B.S., D.V.M

“The immune system stands between health and disease, life and death. It protects against bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, environmental and food toxins and aberrant tissue growth as in cancer.
Science is only beginning to understand immunology and with increasing knowledge it is becoming apparent that it is complex even beyond our imagination. The complexity is indeed bewildering but necessary and certainly must be respected.

The life choices that we make for our companion animals can certainly affect their immune systems. For example, exposure to light can either enhance or suppress immunity. Extreme exposure to light to the point of sun sickness and sunburn suppresses the immune system. Decreased exposure to light during the winter months in northern latitudes and continuing exposure to artificial light suppresses it. Adequate regular natural sunlight, on the other hand, optimizes immunity.

Regular exercise can enhance the immune system. No exercise can suppress it and extreme exercise can also suppress it.

Essentially everything we subject our pets to that is unnatural - that puts them out of context with their natural, wild setting - is immunosuppressive.
Age also effects immunity. There is a linear decline in resistance with age just as there is a decline in all other body functions. The slope of the graph, however, can either be at a steep decline, if we do not take proper care of our companion animals, or we can make the slope much more gradual and thus increase the chance of our pets living full, active, vital, disease-free lives. This depends on the choices we make for them.

Aside from lifestyle choices, there are important nutritional keys to immune health. Natural, fresh, whole, raw foods fed as the majority of the diet provide the key.

There are nutrients that specifically enhance immune function. These include a variety of vitamins such as the antioxidants including vitamins A, C, and E, B complex, and minerals such as selenium, zinc and many others. These micronutrients are contained within the natural diet.

Additionally, there is a wide range of phytonutrients such as the flavonoids that are potent antioxidants and which strengthen the immune system.”

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