Anxiety Free: Does your dog go a little crazy when you are away? Does traveling with your dog leave you worn out and drained? This product helps ease your pet's separation anxiety as well as the stress caused by traveling.

Better Breath: Helps neutralize bad breath odor-causing agents as well as supports the proper functioning of your dog's digestive system.

Brewer's Yeast: An excellent source of nutrients for nourishing the skin and coat and dogs just love the taste! This product contains essential fatty acids for coat luster and shine, as well as garlic, which helps repel annoying and disease carrying pests.

Canine Complex: Give your Dog the very best and most complete multivitamin. This was formulated with only the highest quality human-grade raw materials to naturally meet your dog's nutritional needs and support general health and well-being. Includes 36 ingredients, including antioxidants, to help keep your dog healthy and active.

Cloud Nine Herbal Dip: The best alternative to potentially dangerous chemical dip products. Our heavenly solution is a powerful blend of aromatic herbal oils that really work. Soothes instead of irritating skin. Keeps pets clean and smelling great. Mix with shampoo or dilute with water and use as a spray.

Cloud Nine Herbal Shampoo: The easiest way to keep your pets clean and smelling great. Use our safe and gentle, all natural shampoo on all your pets. Provides nourishing botanical oils to the coat and restores suppleness to the skin. This non-drying formula and rich lather imparts new revitalizing luster and gloss. Easy to rinse out of all types of coats, so that grooming is finally a pleasure for both you and your pet.

Derma-Dream: Our soothing all-purpose ointment is effective on skin conditions, rashes, insect bites, cuts and abrasions. Provides lasting coverage and protective barriers against infections.

Doggy Defense: Your dog's immune system is constantly under attack from environmental pollutants and poor diets. This product supports and defends your dog's immune system and promotes general health and well-being.

Dream Coat: The most important addition to your pet's food. Provides the finest balance of full spectrum fatty acids missing from commercial, cooked or processed pet foods. Our cold-processed oils are proven to be the perfect compliment for quickly achieving a glorious, glowing new coat and healthier skin. Also elevates the immune system with beneficial Garlic and Evening Primrose oil. Use daily for the coat you've always dreamed of.


PetGuard Healthy Diets:

Food for cats and dogs that provides the necessary level of energy and nutrients for well-being and disease prevention.
Free of animal by-products, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sweeteners, sugar, soy, and corn. Superior antioxidant formula with Ester-C that helps to strengthen the immune system. Contains chelated minerals, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, Coleman natural beef - raised without hormones or antibiotics, New Zealand farm raised rabbit and venison, USDA hormone-free chicken. The following entrees are available:

Dog Food: Lamb & Brown Rice Dinner Vegetarian Feast Dinner Chicken & Vegetables Dinner LifeSpan Dog Dry Food: A super premium food for dogs that is nutritionally complete & balanced. Contains fresh chicken and vegetables, plus essential vitamins, free of yeast, soy and wheat. Naturally preserved with Vitamins E and C.

Vita-Dreams, Daily Greens: For dogs and cats a complete Multi-Vitamin and Herbal Supplement. Restores nutritional balance, aids digestion, strengthens urinary tract, increases cell efficiency, promotes stamina and helps stabilize the liver and pancreas.

 Vita-Mineral Mix: A delicious supplement, made of all raw food ingredients. Easy to digest, even for ailing or senior dogs and cats. Promotes health and cleanliness both inside the intestines and outside the skin. Eliminated dandruff, excess shedding and oily coat. Supports the muscular-skeletal system.


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