Gem Star Galaxy Laser
Gem Star Galaxy Laser is the latest in an evolution of the most sophisticated light instruments. It incorporates the wavelength and frequency for ATP induction (stimulating cellular energy), decongestion/detoxification with a ruby-modulated low level laser; multiple L.E.D. emitters including wavelengths of blue, white, red, & near infra-red with proprietary frequencies, and a unique patented laser lens that emits all the light sources in a series of geometric patterns for more energetic effects. Gem Star Galaxy will advance the treatment of resistant fibrous tissue, including scars, cysts, lymph nodes, etc., and give an added dimension to pain management challenges. It has the capability for a panorama of useful applications in both local and systemic conditions, for human and animal use.


Gem Star Laser Charges:

1 hr: $75.00
45 min: $55.00
35 min: $40.00
15 min: $20



Gem Star Galaxay Laser