Ion Cleanse
Ion Cleanse
Ion Cleanse

Healthy individuals can expect to feel lighter and experience a greater feeling of well being from each Ion-Cleanse session. Some people with pain, edema, swollen and deteriorating joints have reported symptomatic relief from ionCleanse sessions

We are exposed to the greatest toxic load in our planet's history, and ongoing periodic detoxification is essential to maintain health and avoid disease. The Ion-Cleanse in combination with a healthy, low stress lifestyle, provides a thorough and efficient way to maintain high energy levels and long term wellness

IonCleanse detoxification accelerates change in the body. Aging and disease states are characterized by a diminishing anabolic capacity and an increasing catabolic capacity. Toxic buildup of cellular waste and debris is the inevitable outcome of these trends. Reversing them through whole body detoxification requires nutritional support, particularly digestive enzymes, trace minerals and fatty acids, which are involved in the movement and transport of raw materials in the body.

Ion Cleanse Charges:

1 hr: $80.00
45 min: $65.00
30 min: $40.00
15 min: $20