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What Our Clients Have to Say!

Our family has been coming to Nutritional Support Programs, Inc. for over 9 years. We first came because our son then two, had chronic ear infections and was always sick. We were thrilled to see him improve and were able to avoid ear surgery. He received perfect school attendance his kindergarten year no sick days. Rebecca has enjoyed the help she has received in many areas. Her favorite has been "Brain" and herbal formulas that help her stay calm and focused. Larry had one experience with high blood pressure because of the program he received at NSP, he was able to avoid taking blood pressure pills. His body returned to normal. We have in for many different problems and have never been disappointed. We have felt healed and helped by NSP.
-Larry, Rebecca, Sean


"I have used the services of Kathy Flood and Nutritional Support Programs, Inc. for about four years and have found it to be invaluable in maintaining my health. One year before I was hit by a full-blown case of the Epstein-Barr virus, Kathy diagnosed my illness (before my regular physician did so). Now with an active lifestyle that includes a full-time job and a second position as a radio talk show host, I've found the assistance I receive from Nutritional Support Programs, Inc. to be extremely helpful. I would urge others with health problems to use this program. It has made a big difference for me."
-Steve Wampler


I know Kathy's services have helped me to maintain good health. I have had a number of gynecological issues in my lifetime and no longer experience the kind of pain related to those issues that for so long I struggled with. It takes time for your body to respond to the program and each person is different. I know that for me each visit brings me closer to even better health and quality of life."
-Yvette M.A.