To Whom It May Concern,

We are writing to tell you about the great results we have had using stem cells and natural supplements while working through Kathy Flood, a Nutritional Support Consultant.
My husband and I decided to adopt some of our foster children. Six to be exact, and they all had various problems. All were abused, some malnourished, delayed etc.
With Kathy's program we have seen significant improvement, especially with three of these children. The six year old had extreme behavior problems from a very violent past. He was very angry and could not control his emotions. His aggression was causing problems at school. He had trouble sleeping and had terrible dreams. He wanted to be loved but had trouble trusting people and had many characteristics of a child with ADHD. He is now one of the best students in his class, expresses anger normally, has tantrums like a six year old would, tells us he loves us, can sleep through the night and will not require any medication as most symptoms of ADHD have disappeared. He is not perfect yet but we are getting there.

The four-year-old girl was always in a bad mood and was extremely hostile. She slept all the time and was an over all grouch. She thought she was an ugly, stupid, worthless human being. She had been moved to many homes in poverty conditions with little to no food and had not worm clothes very often as she and 14 other siblings were all stuck in a tiny house and the adults did not want anyone to know. As a result she requires so much personal space, and wearing clothes really irritates her. We have seen improvement in her emotional state although there is much farther to go. She can now sleep though the night and is much calmer. She has also started to show her teachers that she is very intelligent and tells everyone she is beautiful. She is more affectionate with us and actually wants to play and cuddle with us. We also see her more often as she requires less sleep.

The three-year was a complete mess. He was so malnourished he could not even hold up his legs when placed with us at 23 months old. The specialists were afraid he was retarded and counselors said he had shut out the world. He just stared into space. He was out of control with occasional burst of screaming and could not understand much of anything. He did not even have the strength to chew food very well. At night we would find him curled up and hidden in tight places under furniture or in closet corners. A year later, his strength had improved, but his behavior was terrible. People trained to work with special needs children could not handle his behaviors. He is now in a regular Head Start class and is making steady progress. He can sleep through the night and many annoying habits have disappeared. He is starting to enjoy the world and is surprising everyone with continual progress. His health has improved and he also does not require medication at this time for ADHD..

We have been extremely happy with the progress these children have made and look forward to much more in the future. Thank you for your time.

Kim Houck


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