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After a few years experiencing the various consequences as a client of NSP, I decided that there may be application of professional significance to me. I breed, develop, train, and compete with bird dogs. The dogs that compete are taxed physically in the extreme. In competition they are required to traverse the harshest terrains for a period of one hour or more at as much as a 20-mile per hour pace. The dogs are directed from horseback to keep them in sight and maintain the pace. Needless to mention, it is only the superior canine athletes that make the grade.

One of my talented competitors, Molly, a spritely, personable, female English Pointer had become lame with problems in both carpus (ankle) joints. X-rays showed chips and arthritis that could not be surgically corrected. A not uncommon result after many hours spent running through the rugged terrain.

Suffice it to say that the conventional veterinary tricks available to me offered only temporary relief. Enter Kathy Flood and NSP. To shorten the story, Molly was recommended and treated with a daily herbal supplement and some in office laser treatments. At 5 years old, Molly has become a two time Champion and remains an effective competitor.
Molly is still on hers as are several of my other charges whose problems run from lack of endurance, emotional difficulties, to various forms of lameness. The improvement is usually quickly noticeable -- affirming both diagnostic and treatment techniques applied by the program.

Ironically, recently in a conversation with Dr. Terry Terlep, founder of the Auburn Canine Sport’s Medicine Program, he noted that kineseology and herbal treatment were two places where the veterinary field must go to move forward in the future. A discovery I experienced myself through contact with NSP.

I have referred canine and human clients to NSP for diagnoses and treatment for a variety of ailments and physical difficulties. It is my feeling that NSP can help any animal come closer to his or her physical peak performance or live a significantly healthier life.

Sheldon Twer

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