Feature Of The Month

I began going to NSP in August of 2006. On my very first visit I was truly amazed. I told Kathy that I didn’t know what was wrong with me but I knew that I just wanted to feel better. After she took me through the process of diagnosing my body she explained everything she had discovered to me in a way that I truly could understand. Kathy told me that my lymphatic system was very plugged, amongst other things and that I was not “fat” (she must have known that was exactly what I was feeling); I laughed at her and thought that she was kidding. She was not kidding, because with in 2 weeks of taking my protocol just the way she told me to even my husband started to see a difference. He thought that all of this stuff was kind of hokey, that is until he saw it for himself. Now he is my biggest supporter and Kathy’s started him on his own NSP protocol. Now, I don’t want you to think this is another weight loss program that is so far from what NSP has to offer. There is also another very important part of the NSP team, her name is Tiffany. She is also as wonderful and gifted as Kathy. Tiffany began working on me about 1 month ago; she does the hands on work. She is working on the build up in my body literally from head to toe. She is more than a masseuse, she finds clumped up junk in my body I didn’t know could be there, and when she is done with me every time I feel so much better! I’ve noticed my body beginning to function better in so many ways; I’ve completely stopped taking my anti-acid medicine, and all of my hot flashes are gone. Can anyone say AMEN to that!

What NSP did for me and will do for you is TOTAL body health. That means physical, spiritual and emotional health. Kathy and Tiffany are truly gifted from God. They will touch your soul in ways you didn’t know anyone could. Now just some 4 months later I feel like a whole new woman. I’m 40 pounds lighter and a whole lot happier. Nothing about the protocol is difficult; they take each body and look at it with fresh eyes. Every body is different and the team at NSP is dedicated to helping individuals.

I Love You Guys!

Beth Buck, Modesto, CA.