Feature Of The Month

Rhiannon was 2 years old when she traveled from Turlock Calif. to Lincoln Nebraska for the Grand National Llama Show November 2005. Even though she placed 8 th in the top 10 Nation wide for 2 year old Heavy Wool Llama Females, she did not look like she was feeling well at the time.

I took her to Nutritional Support Program in the spring of 2006. She tested positive regarding several organs. Kathy Flood prescribed a protocol to support those organs involved.

Keep in mind Rhiannon never looked sick, just looked like she was not feeling well. One year later Rhiannon never looked better. She runs and jumps and has a twinkle in her eye.

Rhiannon now test negative for all the targeted organs and is on a maintenance protocol for a very minor parasite issue, fairly common on irrigated pasture.

Lora Crawford


Turlock, California