Feature Of The Month

I was extremely ill, primarily with asthma and its complications with liver and kidney damage. In 1990, due to the complications brought on by the medications I was approved for a full time breathing apparatus to help manage my asthma. My mom started searching for alternative methods for comforting and healing me. She met Dr. Fowler, a Naturopath in California. With encouragement from my family and my Dentist, Dr. Don Hillock, she began giving me a protocol. Within 48hrs I stopped having breathing attacks and diarrhea. My mom watched the food I ate and gave me the protocol herbs that were assigned to me. After 6 months I didn’t have any more breathing attacks. My lungs are strong and able to handle sports and work. I feel better than ever. My mom with the help of other homeopathic Practioner saved my life. I wouldn’t be here if wasn’t for my mom and herbs.

Today I medication free and doing fantastic.

Michael Lee Flood 11

Modesto CA.