Feature Of The Month

Dear Nutritional Support,

Doctors told me I could not have children.  I went to fertility doctors and paid a lot of money to get injections, take pills, go to many doctors' appointments, had invasive and humiliating exams, and missed countless days of work to be able to make it to all the appointments doctors wanted me to go to.  All of this cost me quite a bit of money and much of my self-dignity.  One day in July 2004, the Lord told me to throw away all the medicines and injections, and trust in Him.  My husband and I prayed and obeyed.   A friend of ours had told us of Nutritional Support and how it saved his life.  In September 2004, I went to Nutritional Support mostly because I wanted to lose weight.  With the Lord's help through Kathy and Tiffany and Nutritional Support, I ended up getting pregnant in November of 2004 and now we ! have a beautiful son and I am now pregnant again.  Thanks Nutritional Support for allowing God to use you to speak and minister to people like me.
Teri Rodriguez