Feature Of The Month

Hi Kathy 

When you first exposed me to the idea that different kinds of rocks could have an effect on my environment & my health it was honestly a stretch to get my mind around.  I thought, how can they do that ?  Yet as I began to try to understand this affect many things started to become of interest.      Like for example electromagnetic fields.  We can't see them & yet now we are being warned by many in the scientific community that possible unhealthy side effects can occur. Electrical currents, frequencies & it's magnetism until 100 or so years ago was something that we were not exposed to. Haven't we been told since I we were small not too close to the TV set because it wasn't good for us....WHy is that exactly? Any body really ever explain that one clearly  

The reason? Because of the electromagnetism.     Hmm.  Now, we are bombarded in our workplaces & homes by so much positive ions generated from our computers & electric services & devices that it is having unhealthy effects on our own internal bio -electric energy/frequency.    In fact to get away from it we  have to go outside away from electrical current. Actually it's where I've always felt best anyway.  Why do we run away to the mountains & toquiet & rustic environs.  Many reasons to be sure but, could it be we're running sub -consciously from a toxic invisible environment?    

I've discovered that every living thing has a frequency.  This is not fiction, new age or conjecture but science. Check it out.    So what about rocks they are not living so how does this work.  I -don't -know.  I don't really know what makes fire but it keeps me warm. I know electrons are things but whatever they are they travel thru wires and make things go. I see the effects but don't necessarily understand all the science. So consider this mind blower  Rocks were still a huge mystery to me until one day I was reading in the paper (2007) about a shortage of silicon to make computer chips.  Right ..ok...no big deal.  What's silicon? I never asked before.....  As I read on what I found out is that silicon is a very pure form of distilled quartz.  YES ...Quartz ROCKS!!.  It takes a lot of quartz to make this stuff but it still comes from rocks. So this rock conducts electricity & frequency. Ahha, so, I thought if positive ions from electricity can have a negative affect on my physiology, then negative ions such as naturally occur in the oceans & on it's beach, can create an environment for us which stimulates a relaxed physiological state.

Since most of us have experienced this effect it's not hard to surmise that other naturally occurring phenomena could produce this too. Perhaps certain kind of rocks can do this.     If a rock can emit it's own frequencies or, modify those around them to be in  harmony with ours then harmonic frequencies align and produce a positive symbiotic affect within us or around us. Possible? I can' see it but I can't see electricity or the wind either.   

 As a piano Tuner- technician when a piano or orchestra are in tune they combine to produce a louder more singing sound & tonal purity. I like to call it harmonic alignment such as a barber shop quartet siging that last note which really sings & rings.   The environments we live in today produce a cacophony of jumbled frequencies that the human body never had to deal with before. It is not good.... we simply haven't identified or verified all the detriments that the crashing chorus of electrical influence has upon our health. So perhaps if salt lamps ,quartz & amythest can possibly alter or neutralize our toxic habitats, computer rooms etc. it's worth a shot.  I know my home is the better for it.    What we  do know is, that with all our techno sophistication & supposed health care system, advanced diet, vaccinations etc is that there is an epidemic of cancer,add,adhd ,bipolarizm......etc... etc.. etc.    I ask .............Why is that exactly?  Food for thought 

Dale Erwin
Modesto, Ca.