Feature Of The Month


My name is Denise Gabriel and my husband Manuel has been working with Kathy and Tiffany sense Aug. 25 of this year.  What started this whole nutritional support program was very simply. My husband suffers with high blood pressure, while working out of town he had a Hypertensive Encephalapathy episode. In normal language STROKE.  We were very lucky !! Manuel suffered mild left side weakness and his brain had weeping but not bleeding cells. After seeing his regular Doctor we scheduled our first appointment with Kathy upon starting our protocol 1 week later Manuel got to start his body work with Tiffany. I say "got to" because it is a choice, some clients choose not to do the body work which slows the body recovery by a couple of months. We knew Manuel was ill and made the decision to do both at the same time. Every Saturday morning Manuel has a date with Tiffany. Maybe I should go into a little more depth on my husbands condition. Manuel tested positive for auto immune system, which means a lot of different things, to me my fear was and is Cancer. His whole immune system was  not working, liver, kidney, spleen and his major glands not functioning either.

What Kathy did was the cleansing what Tiffany did was much more!!! To have body work done is the most painful and invigorating and emotional release there is. Yes I said painful,  not the pain you are imagining but it is uncomfortable, again it is a choice we made and to do it all over again we would. The energy my husband has is something that has been missing for some time. The emotional release was a very healing for Manuel not only in mind but body as well. The first session is always the hardest but what a difference it made. The second session was much easier and the release of emotion was stronger by the 3rd session Manuel was well on his way to good health. 
To follow just the protocol it would have taken Manuel to November or December to be where he is now but because we choose to do the body work with Tiffany it took less then 2 months or 7 weeks and 4 days. We can't say enough about Tiffany and what she has accomplished with Manuel.

If it has been recommended that you or a loved one should have body work done do it!!! Find the time, you owe it to your self. I know I owe a lot to Tiffany. 

Thanks Tiffany for giving me my husband back!!!

Manual and Denise Gabriel