What Our Clients Have to Say!


Our family has been coming to Nutritional Support Programs for over 9 years. We first came because our son then two, had chronic ear infections and was always sick. We were thrilled to see him improve and were able to avoid ear surgery. He received perfect school attendance his kindergarten year no sick days. Rebecca has enjoyed the help she has received in many areas. Her favorite has been "Brain" and herbal formulas that help her stay calm and focused. Larry had one experience with high blood pressure because of the program he received at NSP, he was able to avoid taking blood pressure pills. His body returned to normal. We have in for many different problems and have never been disappointed. We have felt healed and helped by NSP.
-Larry, Rebecca, Sean

"I have used the services of Kathy Flood and Nutritional Support Programs for about four years and have found it to be invaluable in maintaining my health. One year before I was hit by a full-blown case of the Epstein-Barr virus, Kathy diagnosed my illness (before my regular physician did so).

Now with an active lifestyle that includes a full-time job and a second position as a radio talk show host, I've found the assistance I receive from Nutritional Support Programs to be extremely helpful. I would urge others with health problems to use this program. It has made a big difference for me."
-Steve Wampler

"I had been a very energetic entrepreneur in my landscape-related brush clearing business, when I started developing chronic fatigue. Because the development was gradual, it took several years for me to realize that there was a physical problem. It became the norm for me to rise up tired every morning, yawn through the day with a dull mind and slow movement, and trying to rest during the day whenever possible. My mood went from formerly cheerful to typically depressed and grumpy.

Starting from traditional western medicine through my HMO and getting no real diagnosis or relief, I proceeded to try Chinese herbs and acupuncture, diet changes and traditional homeopathy. I also tried some one-stop products such as aloes, green drinks and Chi-gong. Nothing I tried during this 3 year search had any effect. I was very disappointed since some of these methods had helped others that I knew regain their health.

With this background, I was referred to Kathy Flood at Nutritional Support Programs. When I arrived I had already concluded that I was destined to live like I was the rest of my life. I had really lost hope, my business was suffering seriously due to my lack of ability to function, my marriage was suffering, and I couldn't even remember what it was like to feel healthy and normal.

From the initial consultation, it was assessed that I had parasites, candida, and a debilitating virus-none of which were picked up by the traditional hospital tests. My diet was changed and I was on certain homeopathic supplements to address these particular problems, which have been adjusted monthly according to my body's current needs.

I really thank the Lord for Kathy's healing ministry. It has now been nearly 3 years since a friend referred me to her. Although it is a 2 hour drive to Modesto for me on a monthly basis, it has been my lifeline since I have been nearly normal now in daily functioning and nighttime rest for over 2 years. My business is recovering, my marriage is healing and hope has been restored. My monthly visits keep a good check on my body's condition and supplementation needs. Kathy has been very diligent to be on the cutting edge of new homeopathic products coming out and this has been also very useful in my experience. I heartily recommend Kathy's work to anyone who has similarly reached a dead end in his or her search for restored health."
-Dick Otterstad

"I am so thankful for Kathy and her staff at Nutritional Support Programs. They began treating me shortly after being diagnosed with a reoccurrence of cancer in March of 1999. I had just started chemotherapy and was experiencing all the side effects, including weight loss. Kathy put me on a program specifically designed for my body to strengthen my immune system, detoxify and build up my blood, while I continued chemotherapy.

Not only have I been able to continue to work full time during my treatment, but I have even gained 5 lbs. with the program designed for me by Nutritional Support Programs. I know that, for me, combining both the traditional and holistic approach was very successful. I strongly recommend Nutritional Support Programs to anyone seeking health, hope and healing."
-Judy Powell

"I have been going to Kathy Flood, on and off, for four years. Her expertise in the area of homeopathy is second to none. I am on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My job is a very intense and stressful one. I know my body and mind would not be able to keep up with the pace and demands if it were not for the program Kathy has developed for me. Each month the program may change a little to assist my body and mind in healing itself.

Kathy offers advice on dealing with the multitude of issues which I daily face professionally and personally. If I have any questions, I can always call and leave a message. She always returns calls promptly. I know that my body is functioning much better and is able to keep up with the daily rigors of my personal and professional life. Recently I experienced some serious personal and professional stress which was difficult for me to handle emotionally. The program Kathy developed just for me has helped me feel like I am not on the edge and has assisted me in gaining back my self-control and confidence.

I know Kathy's services have helped me to maintain good health. I have had a number of gynecological issues in my lifetime and no longer experience the kind of pain related to those issues that for so long I struggled with. It takes time for your body to respond to the program and each person is different. I know that for me each visit brings me closer to even better health and quality of life."
-Yvette M.A.